Let’s be part of solution but not pollution

About the project

Globalization made human life comfortable and luxurious. In the process, humans made decisions to exploit natural resources resulting in global warming, climate change, and adverse effects on the environment, resulting in direct and indirect effects on human life. Project Paryavaran is intended to create awareness about environmental protection among citizens of the world. The team organizes competitions to create awareness about pollution, climate change, sustainable development, and environmental protection.

Project Aarogya is a health-related project in We Are with You Charitable Trust initiated to address at least a few of these problems. The project organizes blood donation camps once every four months. The project organizes medical camps in deprived areas. The project organizes various medical awareness programs in slum areas, provides medication if needed, and promotes awareness content about seasonal diseases on online platforms. The project supports needy patients in their tough times with the support from friendly medical organizations. The project aims to create awareness and make at least a few people change their unhealthy practices and live happy lives.


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