Health is Wealth

About the Project

Good health is the only good thing a person can hope to achieve anything the person wants. Many people without proper knowledge and by following unhealthy practices are getting affected by various diseases. Some may afford a doctor, but others may not. Many people in case of surgeries need blood, and some may not get sufficient blood on time, causing severe problems to the patient’s life.

Project Aarogya is a health-related project in We Are with You Charitable Trust initiated to address at least a few of these problems. The project organizes blood donation camps once every four months. The project organizes medical camps in deprived areas. The project organizes various medical awareness programs in slum areas, provides medication if needed, and promotes awareness content about seasonal diseases on online platforms. The project supports needy patients in their tough times with the support from friendly medical organizations. The project aims to create awareness and make at least a few people change their unhealthy practices and live happy lives.

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