One best book is equal to hundred good friends

About the Project

Project Grandhalaya deals with the books. The team acts as a bridge between a book donor and a book needy person. If a person has a book and does not use it, but the book might help another person, they can donate the book to the team. The team makes sure to save the book for the needy person. Similarly, if a person needs a book and cannot afford the book, then the person can send a needy request to the team through the mail or through the We Are with You Charitable Trust’s website. The team then identifies the donors, collects the book from the donor, and shares the book with the needy person. The team opens mini-libraries in places like orphanages, and slums. On a regular basis, the team shares the data about apps and websites that provide free courses and books for students. The project aims to make sure no person should suffer because of lack of books.

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