Get true happiness on your day

About the Project

Many celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other memorable days by spending time at a movie or having a fancy dinner with family and friends at a restaurant. Spending quality time with loved ones gives happiness. However, Project Abhaya believes that there is a greater happiness a person can get on special days just by spending an hour with children in orphanages and elders in old-age homes. The project is initiated to provide true happiness to people on their special days. Along with people or on behalf of people, the team organizes food distribution at orphanages, old-age homes, and slums on special days like birthdays, marriage anniversaries, remembering loved ones on their death days, and other notable days. Wishes from these children and elders are the true blessing one can ever get, and Project Abhaya is ready to give it to all. If the orphanages and old-age homes need any support, the organization provides the support either financially or materially with the help of sponsors. Happiness is the only objective the project is intended for both donors and the needy.

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