Knowledge is Power

About the Project

We Are with You Charitable strongly believes that education is a tool that helps develop a country. Academics alone will not contribute to education, but it is part of education. Education should focus on the overall development of children, make them socially responsible and give them the power to question.

Project Bhavishya focuses on education. The team selects a slum a conducts a survey. If there are school-going children, then the team starts working with the children in that area. The team helps the children in their academics by organizing classes, practicing hours, and teaching concepts with creative ideas. The project makes sure of the overall development of the children. Children’s festival is one initiative where the team conducts several competitions for the children and rewards them accordingly. Children’s trip is an initiative in which the team takes the children on an excursion and helps them understand how big the world is and how it works.

Many students do not know about different career opportunities available to pursue and end up doing most common courses in which they were not interested. WAYCT’s project Bhavishya trying to address this issue wrote a book named Bhavishya. The book contains details of various career opportunities available to a student after class 10 and various scholarships available to students in different stages of student life. The team goes to government schools, interact with the school children, explain to them how to set a goal, why to set a goal and distribute Bhavishya books to the students in class 9 and 10, explain how the book helps them in their future life, and also help the students in their career.

The team organizes certified Student Empowerment Training about life skills. The team started an initiative called Future. Future is initiated to inspire students from the stories of others. In Future, the team will host motivational speakers to take sessions online. As a part of Future, the team shares the inspiring life stories of people that remain unheard. The project aims to bring out socially responsible citizens into society through different workshops and initiatives.

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