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We Are with You Charitable Trust (WAYCT) is a non-governmental organization registered in the year 2019. The organization works in education, health, environmental protection, and other community service activities with nine different projects, each focusing on different problems. The organization and the projects are designed majorly to focus on the young minds of India. Education projects focus on helping underserved students at slums, orphanages, and similar places by providing services like organizing classes, study hours, financial support to eligible students, starting mini-libraries, organizing children festivals, and many more activities to make sure of all-round development of the students and make them socially responsible. The team provides online Student Empowerment Training and certify well performers. Health-related projects focus on organizing blood donation camps, medical camps at needed areas, creating health awareness through different campaigns and workshops, and providing medical assistance through known organizations and hospitals. 

Years Journey
Active Branches
2000 +
5000000 +
Money Spent
1150000 +
50 +
Vaaradhi Adopted Students
55000 +
Students Trained
Supporting Orphanages
Supporting Old-Age Homes
20000 +
Meals Donated
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Volunteers Testimonials

N. Archana Swechha Lead

I am currently working as a Swechha Lead in 'We Are with You Charitable Trust'. I have learned a lot after joining in WAY. I've learned how to effectively interact with people so that they can understand better. I am feeling very proud to be a Swechha Lead because I can discuss openly about menstruation and girls problems. I extend my special gratitude towards Ayyappa Anna.

T. Y. Kishore President

In 2022, I joined WAYCT without knowing much about it. At first, I volunteered, and now I'm the President of the Guntur branch and part of the HR team. Before I joined, I was nervous about talking to people, but now I'm actively reaching out and leading different groups. During my journey, I've earned many recognitions and gained various skills, such as communication and people management. WAYCT isn't just an organization, it's my extended family and I've created countless memories during these years. I'm grateful to be a part of WAY Family.

Y. S. AbhiRam Joint Secretary

My journey started as a volunteer and then became the Bhavishya project lead and Joint Secretary. Project Abhaya holds a special place in my heart, allowing me to connect with orphanage children and the elderly. I want to express my gratitude to each and every WAYCT volunteer for their dedicated service. WAYCT boosted my confidence and communication skills. It's given me a wonderful family of like-minded individuals. I owe my respect to Mr. Ayyappa Siginam for founding this charitable trust.

T. Hemanth Abhaya Lead

I'm immensely thankful to WAY for opening my eyes to societal issues and enabling me to help people. I started as a volunteer and later became an Abhaya Lead. Being a part of this trust has transformed me into an extrovert, honed my skills, and every day is a learning opportunity. Serving people brings me immense joy, and WAY is the perfect platform for it. I take great pride in being a part of this trust, which not only serves society but also provides a supportive family. Every moment is filled with positive changes as we give hope to the less fortunate by saying, "WE ARE WITH YOU" 🤝