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We Are with You Charitable Trust (WAYCT) is a non-governmental organization registered in the year 2019. The organization works in education, health, environmental protection, and other community service activities with nine different projects, each focusing on different problems. The organization and the projects are designed majorly to focus on the young minds of India. Education projects focus on helping underserved students at slums, orphanages, and similar places by providing services like organizing classes, study hours, financial support to eligible students, starting mini-libraries, organizing children festivals, and many more activities to make sure of all-round development of the students and make them socially responsible. The team provides online Student Empowerment Training and certify well performers. Health-related projects focus on organizing blood donation camps, medical camps at needed areas, creating health awareness through different campaigns and workshops, and providing medical assistance through known organizations and hospitals. 

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Cultivating the path toward support and volunteering, we embark on a journey aimed at fostering positive change within our communities. Here are some of the impactful figures representing our contributions to those in need.

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Volunteer with us and you'll join a powerful movement of people united by one goal - a better tomorrow, for everyone.

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Volunteer with us and you'll join a powerful movement of people united by one goal - a better tomorrow, for everyone.



Volunteers Testimonials

Naga Sai Sravanth S Trustee and Executive director

We Are with You Charitable Trust is a great place to build the personality of an individual. We get exposure to people from different backgrounds and provide us an opportunity to build our communication skills. The organization provides opportunity even to volunteer and contribute from home with different activities. It is the best place for any student to spend quality time.


In We Are with You Charitable Trust, It's not just volunteering an NGO and serving the needy. But here there is something more which we can contribute in all aspects. I started my journey at the NGO as a Poster designer, promoted as a Lead to the whole wing of Poster Designing, later as a Vice President of Guntur Branch which improved my creativity and made me the Vice President of the year 2023. It's been a great journey which improved my career path fly high.

Ganesh Battula

Joining 'We Are With You Charitable Trust' during my college days was transformative. As a volunteer, project lead, and core team member, I transitioned from being an introverted individual to someone adept at communication and leadership. These invaluable skills not only helped me navigate challenging situations but also empowered me to co-found and successfully run a startup. Today, I stand proud as a pioneer in entrepreneurship, all thanks to the trust and support of 'We Are With You Charitable Trust'. Thank you for the opportunity to grow and make a difference.

Azaruddin Shaik Khajipur CEC Lead

Being a part of the "We Are With You" charitable trust has been a life-changing experience for me. Through their guidance, I've developed my personality and found a purpose in empowering underprivileged students and those in need. Engaging in social service activities has not only enriched my life but also led to recognition, such as receiving the APSCHE Excellence Award in 2022 for community service from the honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Sushma Chowdary. Nagabhairava HR Team

I've learned a lot from We Are with You Charitable Trust. Initially a volunteer because of a friend, later I was impressed by the trust's ethos and operations. It's amazing how quickly it became a second family. I've grown in empathy, resilience, and communication skills. It's more than an NGO; it's a life school. My journey here transformed me profoundly in just three years. From a volunteer to HR that's how I've seen my growth in trust and as well as in life.

N Sravan Kumar Reddy

Five years ago, I joined WAY organization without skills, battling stage fear. From volunteer to project lead, president, and now chief executive committee member, I've learned leadership, problem-solving, and communication. When I saw the faces of people whom I helped motivates me to do more.Thanks to We Are With You Charitable Trust. Committed to service indefinitely.

Mounika Kota HR Team

It's been an incredible four-year journey with the 'We Are With You Charitable Trust' since joining in 2019. During this time, I've had the privilege of learning valuable lessons from society through sharing knowledge with students in schools, as well as raising awareness about menstruation for women residing in slum areas. This journey has been transformative, playing a major role in improving my communication skills, time management and many more. Being recognized as "WAY VANITHA - 2023" for my volunteer work has been rewarding, and it has helped me grow personally while making a positive difference in others' lives.

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