About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is for a world where the opportunities to improve the quality of life are equal and freely available to the currently underserved population, including orphans, semi-orphans, the differently-abled, people living in slum areas, and those that experience homelessness.

Our Mission

We catalyze personal and social change by enrolling and educating the community; equipping community organizers, student and youth leaders with resources for connection and service; and create opportunities for improved access to health, education and financial security for the marginalized people in our society.

What we do?

We Are with You Charitable Trust (WAYCT) is a non-governmental organization registered in the year 2019. The organization works in education, health, environmental protection, and other community service activities with nine different projects, each focusing on different problems. The organization and the projects are designed majorly to focus on the young minds of India. Education projects focus on helping underserved students at slums, orphanages, and similar places by providing services like organizing classes, study hours, financial support to eligible students, starting mini-libraries, organizing children festivals, and many more activities to make sure of all-round development of the students and make them socially responsible. The team provides online Student Empowerment Training and certify well performers. Health-related projects focus on organizing blood donation camps, medical camps at needed areas, creating health awareness through different campaigns and workshops, and providing medical assistance through known organizations and hospitals. The organization organizes certified Adolescent Health Education Workshops to create awareness about adolescent age, physical and emotional changes during the change, child sexual abuse, child marriages and related acts. Environmental protection-related projects focus on creating awareness through various challenges, competitions and organizing online and offline sessions. Other projects focus on activities like food distribution, clothes collection, and distribution, and celebrate birthdays at orphanages. More details about the projects are under the projects section.

We are doing all these activities under the projects

  1. Project Aarogya
  2. Project Abhaya
  3. Project Annapurna
  4. Project Bhavishya
  5. Project Grandhalaya
  6. Project Paryavaran
  7. Project Scholarships
  8. Project Swechha
  9. Project Vaaradhi

We started with one person and we crossed 2000+ now, we may not say that we can change entire India now, but the change in us started and if the similar change is started in every person we are sure that we can change India. If you are interested to be a part of WE ARE WITH YOU CHARITABLE TRUST family we invite you with glad and for more details contact us

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