About the Project

This project is all about adolescent age and how to deal with it. Most of the people think that this age is very dangerous in the life of a person. At this age boys and girls observe changes in their physical and mental health. They do not get proper answers from their parents and go to some external source to learn about these changes. This is not a good sign. So We Are with You Charitable Trust speaks and explains children of this age the reason for the differences in their physical and mental health. We will help girl students about how to be hygiene during their menstrual cycle and let them know this is a general process and explain them to stay strong and avoid superstitious believes. We also make the kids aware of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation and how to overcome such situations. Through this project we make kids learn that menstruation is not a topic not to talk about and instead Break the Silence and speak about your problems and take help from family and friends.

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