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About Grandhalaya

We see most of the times people suffer from buying books because of their poverty. Project Grandhalaya is for those who are ready to donate books and who don't have them. These books may be of any kind like preperation books for competative exams, board exams or any kind of story books. You can donate the books which you don't read or don't use but that can help others. Here Project Grandhalaya from We Are with You Charitable Trust acts as bridge between book donors and book needers. If you want to donate books please click on Donate Books. If you want books please feel to click on Request Books button. We will try our level best to get you the books.

List of Book Available
  • JEE and NEET preperation books - (A set of almost 10 to 15 books from two persons)
  • Intermediate Text Books first and second year - (1 set)
  • Intermediate Text Books - (1 set)
  • Dictionery - (1)
  • DEMO - (1)
  • An Example of a Google Bar Chart - (1)