About the Branch

We Are with You Charitable Trust is youth run Non-Governmental Organization working mainly in the Education and Health domains along with Environmental activites and also helping poor. We worked most of our initial days in Guntur District of  Andhra Pradesh, India. This branch is to identify the local problems and help as much as we can. We Are with You Charitable Trust majorly works on the problems related to education. Our dedicated volunteer network is ready to accept challenges related to problems in the feild of education. Our branches are lead by dynamic youth of local area. The following are the leads for the present year.

Branch Team

Siginam Ayyappa


V. Samara Simha


N. Sushma

Vice President

P. Lokesh


K. S. Durga Prasad

Joint Secretary

C. H. Deva Pradeep

Lead of project Bhavishya

K. Anisha Devi

Lead of project Swechha

N. Venkata Avinash

Lead of project Vaaradhi

B. Sai Raghav

Lead of project Aarogya

V. Samara Simha

Lead of project Abhaya

T. D. N. Sai Sandeep

Lead of project Annapurna

M. V. S. Pavan Kumar

Lead of project Grandhalaya

M. Krishna Sai Vignesh

Lead of project Paryavaran

Branch Gallery