About us


Hello all,
Before knowing about WE ARE WITH YOU CHARITABLE TRUST let us think about few things here. India is seventh largest country in terms of area and second largest country in terms of population. About 33% of total population in India are youth. With this youth power India can be one among top nations in the World. But India's rank in Human Development Index in the year 2017 is 130. What is the reason behind this backlog? Why is India not among top nations of the world? Here are some reasons.

  • Irresponsible politicians
  • Loosing ethical values among citizens
  • Unemployed youth
  • Unskilled graduates
  • Lack of guidance and help for poor
  • and many more.

Most of the youth are spending time for useless things. If we utilize the money and time, are wasting on unnecessary things for the people who are spoiling their lives due to lack of guidance and money we can change at least few lives. We the members of WE ARE WITH YOU CHARITABLE TRUST are self-motivated students volunteering ourselves by spending useless time to useful time on education for all. In most of the situations the reason behind quitting education is money, lack of proper guidance among parents and students. So we as members of WE ARE WITH YOU CHARITABLE TRUST are doing various activities to solve these problems.
As a part of that we have started several projects.

  1. Project Aarogya
  2. Project Abhaya
  3. Project Annapurna
  4. Project Bhavishya
  5. Project Grandhalaya
  6. Project Paryavaran
  7. Project Scholarships
  8. Project Swechha
  9. Project Vaaradhi

We started with one person and we crossed 1000+ now, we may not say that we can change entire India now, but the change in us started and if the similar change is started in every person we are sure that we can change India. If you are interested to be a part of WE ARE WITH YOU CHARITABLE TRUST family we invite you with glad and for more details contact us